Barista position openings in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

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Barista position openings in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Postby phaelon56 on Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:05 pm

A friend of mine in NJ has pinged me on behalf of her attractive, energetic and amiable young 25 year old female friend - currently a Brooklyn resident. She's a native of Jamaica, has been in NYC for 7 or 8 years, worked as a barista at some point and in another restaurant position, but feels she's in a bit of a career rut and would like to get back into the coffee world - with a forward thinking progressive organization that's focused on quality. I haven't met her but can vouch for the friend who steered her to me. Any of you folks in Manhattan or Brooklyn willing to give her an interview or if you have no openings now but may need a viable candidate a bit further down the road... have a chat with her and point her in the right direction? Best to contact me on the Y! at phaelon56 as I start travel soon and coffeed access i spotty on my mobile device. Thanks in advance!
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