Decaf espresso: Mazzer Major E or Kony E?

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Decaf espresso: Mazzer Major E or Kony E?

Postby Alistair Durie on Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:57 am

We use the Robur E right now and are considering the Mazzer Kony E or Major E for decaf purposes. My brief encounter with the Major E wasn't great, and I haven't seen the Kony. My intuition tells me that the E style doser works better with the conical burrs?

If you were setting up a new store, which espresso grinders would you choose right now for primary and decaf? Reasonable budget in mind, and manual dosers are not an option.
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Re: Decaf espresso: Mazzer Major E or Kony E?

Postby scottlucey on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:46 am

I'm interested in working with a Kony. The Majors we've been working with in our stores are actually proving difficult to get an even extraction from. It's been more successful to grind into another container, then transfer to the PF basket - yes, defeating the purpose but I'd rather have an even extraction.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm guessing the RPMs of the major's motor seem to be throwing the coffee a bit harder, thus compacting grounds, compared to what feels like a softer dropping action you get from a robur. I would assume the Kony would do a great job from observing specs:

Motor speed: robur = 500 rpm | kony = 420 rpm | major = 1400 rpm (all 50hz)

I'd vote Kony
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